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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Ansbach Residence

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The Residence Ansbach is a shining palace complex, located in the eponymous German city. Ansbach palace itself is known as a Baroque Margrave Residence Palace. Residence Ansbach is known for its beautiful gardens.
Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Bückeburg Palace

Bückeburg Palace

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Bückeburg Palace is located in a picturesque small town 30 km north of Hanover. Bückeburg is a true gem of Baroque architecture.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels Castle

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Stolzenfels Castle was erected in 1259 as a military fort. Stolzenfels Castle is located among the dense forest near Koblenz.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Grassalkovich Palace

Grassalkovich Palace

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Grassalkovich Palace is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and is the residence of the President of Slovakia. Grassalkovich Palace is a magnificent building built in the style of neoclassicism.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Monterrey Castle

Monterrey Castle

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Monterrey Castle is located in Verin in the autonomous region of Galicia, Spain. Monterrey Castle was built in the twelfth century by Alfonso Henríquez.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle

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Aydon Castle is one of the best examples of a medieval manor house in England. The foundations of Aydon castle were laid in 1296 by Robert de Reymes.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Fort Ticonderoga

Fort Ticonderoga

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Fort Ticonderoga is located near Lake Champlain, which is named in honor of Samuel de Champlain, the first European to set foot in this region of the United States.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Dumbarton Castle

Dumbarton Castle

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Dumbarton Castle is the oldest in the UK. Dumbarton Castle rises above the southern Scottish town of the same name, on the bank of the River Clyde.
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Castles of the World, Medieval Castles -  Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle

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Ljubljana Castle, also known as Ljubljanski grad is a medieval castle. Ljubljana Castle is situated in the middle of a hill in Ljubljana.
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