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 -  Santa Clarita, California

17.01.2013, ID: 25612
Santa Clarita is a city located within the State of California and is the fourth largest city in the county of Los Angeles.
 -  Detroit


17.01.2013209ID: 25611
Detroit is located in the state of Michigan and is its largest city. Detroit for decades was one of the music capitals of the United States, especially for rock music.
 -  Victorville


17.01.2013152ID: 25185
Victorville is a city located in the territory of California. It is located in the Victor Valley in San Bernardino County. In 1962 the city Victorville was officially entered into California.
 -  Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston

17.01.2013293ID: 25598
Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for NASA's Johnson Space Center and is the only place in the world where guests can enjoy the journey in space.
 -  Vallejo


17.01.201386ID: 25186
Vallejo is a city located within the State of California. Vallejo is the largest city within Solano County. Vallejo is located near San Francisco Bay.
 -  Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana

17.01.2013520ID: 25184
Evansville is a city located in in the Vanderburgh County in the territory of Indiana. Evansville was founded in 1812 along the Ohio River.
 -  Begliktash


17.01.2013208ID: 25590
Begliktash, also known as Beglik Tash, is a megalith Thracian sanctuary, which was discovered in 2003 in Bulgaria. Begliktash is a circle of huge stones, which are in the middle of a meadow.
 -  Chisos Mountains

Chisos Mountains

17.01.2013320ID: 25639
Chisos Mountain range is a natural barrier in the middle of the desert in Texas. Chisos Mountains is located in Big Bend National Park.
 -  Las Vegas

Las Vegas

17.01.2013242ID: 25610
Las Vegas, also known as Sin City and gambling town, no doubt is entertainment capital of the world. Las Vegas is the most densely populated city in the U. S. state of Nevada.
 -  Victoria Palace, Bucharest

Victoria Palace, Bucharest

17.01.2013369ID: 25594
Victoria Palace is located in Bucharest. It is a beautiful monumental building, which rises at Victoria Square in the Romanian capital.
 -  Monopteros, Munich

Monopteros, Munich

17.01.2013235ID: 25592
Monopteros is one of the attractions of the English Garden in Munich. Monopteros had the official name Temple of Apollo, but this name has never received wide popularity.
 -  Central Balkan National Park

Central Balkan National Park

17.01.2013150ID: 25641
Central Balkan National Park is one of the most valuable and largest protected natural areas in Europe. With its 8 Reserves, Central Balkan National Park is on the List of Protected Areas.
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